Battered Boar Coconut Cream Stout is a new beer from Oklahoma’s Battered Boar Brewing. The rich chocolaty notes of the stout really work with the coconut, in the same way that the chocolate of a Mounds bar works with its coconut (but without the sweetness).


Not Your Father’s Root Beer from Small Town Brewery is a root beer ale.  It’s got the sweetness and spiced flavor of a root beer and the added grown-up fun of the alcohol of a beer.  The flavor reminded us of being somewhere between Barq’s root beer and those root beer barrel hard candies.  A couple of local bartenders have been having a blast lately using it to make delicious adult root-beer floats by using vanilla ice cream and Not Your Father’s in place of the traditional non-alcoholic root beer.


Daily’s Salted Caramel Cream ready-to-drink cocktails have arrived.